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Advertisement is proud to present Break to Shake: Personal Working and Well-being Timer. This is an easy to use app to monitor your working time schedule and encourage you to take regular breaks in your busy daily working routine. The software contains: 1) two adjustable timers for setting your working and break time intervals, 2) a mini exercise to get you to move about to reduce the stress of staying still for long periods of time, and 3) a database to store your daily working and break patterns. You can also log your own custom activities!

* It™s time to change your routine of working long hours without breaks
Sitting and working at the computer for long periods without taking regular breaks is bad for your health, and research suggests that this pattern can increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease. You can use this app as a break reminder to reinforce a healthy lifestyle on your busy working days. It helps you to break up long periods at the computer or desk by issuing pop-up reminders that can be adjusted to any specific length of time.
Aside from any direct effects that reducing the amount of time spent sitting down may have, getting more physical activity is a great way of helping to maintain a healthy body, which is the best way of minimising the risk of various types of long-term disease.

* Follow the app's mini activities
In addition to the core functionality of the work/break timer, this version of Break to Shake provides a small task for you to complete to help alleviate the strain of working for long periods of time: ˜Shake™ helps to exercise your arms in order to increase the blood-flow to your fingertips and prevent RSI. More mini-exercises will be added in the future, so make sure to keep this app up-to-date!

* Create a log of personal activity
You can be in control of your working and break time by looking into your activity history a database that logs all results of both timers. Every time a timer is active, you can record a list of activities that you have performed in that time. In this way, the logs serve as a reminder as to what was achieved, and when, for each specific day.

* Product support
If you have any questions, suggestions or encounter any problems, please contact us at to help us make the Break to Shake: Personal Working and Well-being Timer the best app of its kind available.

* Help us to spread the word!
If you like using this app we would really appreciate it if you could rate the app or, even better, leave an honest review.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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